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Writing retreats

Achieving your writing dreams with Writing in Paradise Retreats

If you want to write, one of the best ways to get started – and to finish – is to take yourself on a writing retreat.

Writing retreats can be private endeavors where you give yourself un-interrupted time to work in solitude in your own room in a remote, tranquil place. Free from the chaos of your busy daily life, with no phone calls, no text messages, and no Facebook, and away from the demands of work, home and friends, you can make significant progress on your writing projects.

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Some writing retreats including instructional workshops and group critiquing, and give you the chance to network with fellow aspiring and published writers, and those in the publishing industry.

If you are serious about the craft of writing and achieving your goals, you may want to avoid the expensive luxury writing retreats and vanity workshops that have large group numbers, extensive travel and sightseeing, indulgent spa treatments and ethnic cooking classes. Genuine writing retreats are about getting clear, gaining new insights, impressive word counts, and getting your work publication-ready.

Writing in Paradise retreats was established in 2001 by award-winning writer and writing tutor Keith Lyons ( With a background in psychology and journalism, an extensive portfolio ranging from non-fiction to fiction and poetry, and experience in editing and publishing, Keith’s desire is that all writers overcome the external and internal challenges that hold them back from becoming successful, published authors.

Keith has taught throughout Asia and Australasia, with many of his students and clients going on to achieve their writing dreams – including acceptance into prestigious writing schools, publication success, literary awards and prizes.

Keith’s unique background and experience, combined with a person-centered approach utilizing new knowledge from creative psychology, means he has gained a reputation for providing gentle encouragement and astute advice to empower writers. He has run workshops on writing life stories, travel writing, and writing for healing, as well as providing manuscript consultation services.

Writing in Paradise retreats offer individually-designed, flexible writing retreats in Bali, eastern Tibet/south-west China, Myanmar (Burma), Australia and New Zealand throughout the year. The residential retreats offer all-inclusive packages which includes your own private room in a character guesthouse or 2-3 star accommodation (no shared room unless requested), all meals and drinks (including coffee and if you like, alcohol), airport transfers, and 1-on-1 sessions each day with an experienced writing tutor and mentor. Some locations offer an in-house swimming pool, air-con, and inspirational guest speakers, while all comfortable retreat locations offer free wifi, authentic local food as well as Western meals, and stimulating nature walks.

In Bali, a global place for creativity, we provide homestay guesthouse accommodation in a local family compound with your own ensuite room, a terrace and seating area overlooking a beautiful garden and rice fields, near the artistic hub of Ubud and the Sukawati arts area.

In the Tibetan borderland town of Lijiang, we provide accommodation in the UNESCO World Heritage 800-year old town, the setting for movies including Riding Alone for a Thousand Miles and books Jade Dragon Snow Mountain and Forgotten Kingdom.

In Myanmar (Burma) we stay nearby the ancient temple ruins of Bagan and in the former capital of Yangon.

You decide on the length of the retreat, and your time commitment – we arrange everything else so you can focus on writing. Daily rates from $59; weekly all-inclusive rates from as little as $399. Prices exclude international airfares and travel insurance. A 50% refundable deposit is required to book a retreat. We can also arrange partner programs for non-writer family and friends, as well as pre- and post-trip travel.

February, March, April – Australia and New Zealand
March, April, May – eastern Tibet/south-west China
June, July, August, September – Bali
October, November – eastern Tibet/south-west China
December, January – Myanmar

Writing retreats give you the freedom of time and space to write, supported by expert practical tuition, in an ideal productive writing environment. Whatever your writing project, genre, or experience, you will come away with new motivation, creative techniques and connections.

What are you waiting for? Keep the promise you made to yourself.

To find out more about making it happen for you, contact mail or contact via Skype skypekeithlyons